When most people think of happiness, they don’t think of transcendence. In fact, transcendence isn’t something most people think about at all. However, it plays a huge role in taking the joy and bliss in your life to the next level.

Transcendence is that which goes beyond or exceeds the limits of ordinary experience. You may be wondering what a definition like that has to do with how happy you are in life. This quote makes it more personal:

“Transcendence is more about finding a way out of the cage that is being designed for you at a particular moment by others, circumstance, or your own bad habits and ignorance.”

~ Darrell Calkins

There are pieces of your identity that you gained from interacting with other people throughout your life. Without realizing it, some of those beliefs are limiting the amount of happiness you experience.

What if you could go beyond the ideas, concepts, and definitions that make up who you think you are?

If you’re like most people, you haven’t spent much time thinking about how you developed your ideas about who you are. You may feel like you are who you are and there’s nothing more to it than that.

However, there is a lot more to it. People have assigned labels to you throughout your life, and you’ve accepted many of those labels as true when they either aren’t or at least don’t have to be true.

You can significantly increase your happiness by going beyond those assigned limits. Everything in this world is simply a concept we have created based on how we relate to it. And that includes you.

You may find that idea disturbing, or it might feel liberating, but if you can be open to the possibility that you might be able to go beyond your current view of your identity, you can see for yourself how transcendence leads to more joy, purpose, and meaning.

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