The Light Meditation

The Light Meditation is a meditation taught by Sri Sathya Sai Baba to bring the light of love to each organ of your body and from there to project it to the entire world. The free recording I am providing to you lasts approximately 20 minutes. This meditation is best practiced in a darkened room where you can place a lighted candle in front of you to gaze at it, using the light of the candle as a visual point to focus your attention and not for any particular religious reason. – “Love All, Serve All”

Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position… Close your eyes and focus your attention in your breathing… See how the air goes in and out slowly, calmed and relaxed… As you continue to breath, repeat in your mind: SO, as you take the air in; and HAM, as you let the air out… Continue to repeat in your mind SO-HAM while you breathe in and out for a few more moments.

Now, slowly open your eyes and look at the flame in front of you… Keep looking at the flame, trying not to blink. Close your eyes and try to feel the flame inside your forehead, between your eyebrows… Feel the warmth of the flame, burning bright and steady between your eyebrows. Keeping your eyes closed imagine that the light of the flame moves down from inside your forehead to the center of your heart, leaving a path of light connecting your heart and your forehead.

Now, imagine that there is a closed golden lotus flower inside your heart, in the center of your chest. Imagine that the golden petals of the lotus bud slowly begin to open, one by one, as they are touched by the light. See the light anchored in the center of your chest becoming bigger and brighter and bathing all your thoughts, words and deeds… Removing darkness, and filling your entire being with light, love and peace. Imagine that the light radiating from the center of your chest becomes wider, bigger and brighter. See how the light transforms your hands and your feet in instruments of love…

From now on, everything that you touch and every path that you travel in life becomes pure divine light. You cannot use your hands and feet anymore for impure, dishonest or harmful activities… See your hands and feet glowing with light Imagine how the light present in your tongue, makes your words sweet, soft and loving, so you never speak again falsehood, gossips or slander. Think how the light brings to your tongue discipline and self-control, in order to eat and drink only what is healthy to your body… See your tongue and mouth glowing with light. Imagine how the light bathing your eyes allows you to see only love in everybody and everything that comes into your life. Imagine your ears being touched by the light, so only words that help ever and hurt never will be listen to from now on… See your eyes and ears glowing with light.

Now, focus your attention in your head… See your head radiating pure white light that can only hold kind and loving thoughts… See your head glowing with light.

Now, let the light become more intense, and brighter, and see it expanding in ever widening circles, shining in you, and all around you… Enveloping your whole being in the brilliance of love. See how this love and light surrounds your loved ones… And your friends, especially those that you know need it the most… See the light enveloping them. Let the light and love centered in your heart reach all of those that have caused hurt or pain to you, so you may heal the wounds with total forgiveness… Let also forgive yourself for the pain you may have caused to others. Lets continue to expand the light and let it fill this entire room.

Now, imagine the light growing bigger and brighter and bathing this entire house or building… Expanding more and more, until the whole planet and all the living beings are immersed in the bright and pure white light… Let the light of love centered in your heart extend to the entire universe. May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.