The Forgiveness Meditation

The Forgiveness Meditation was originally created, under the name of “The Junkyard Visualization” by Jack Canfield, the renowned co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series and author of the best-selling book “Success Principles.” What I am offering here for you is my own, and slightly different, independent version. It lasts approximately 23 minutes.

Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position… Close your eyes… And gradually slow down your breathing.

Now just imagine that you are walking through a field at night…. There is a bright and beautiful moon light shining around you. In the distance you notice that there is an area that seems to have a wall around it… You begin to walk towards this area… And as you get closer you realize that it is a junkyard.

Now you can see piles of junk, old car parts, damaged pieces of furniture, old and rusted parts of electrical appliances, pieces of debris from wood and metal… And much more junk, all covered with dirt and dust, piled up behind this fence . In one of the sides, you notice that there is an entry gate that can lead you inside the junkyard… So you go ahead and walk through the gate and find yourself inside the junkyard. You find a central road that goes through the junkyard…with piles of junk and debris on either side… All kind of things that have been left behind, discarded and thrown away.

As you continue to walk through the junkyard you find yourself drawn to a piece of junk. You stop and you look at it, and you reach down to pick it up…Then you realize that this old piece of junk represents something negative in your life that you have felt angry about… Perhaps for a long time…perhaps more recently. And you become aware of what that angry event in your life was… Go ahead and find out what this piece of junk represents in your life when you reacted with a lot of anger in the past. Then, you decide to let it go, to release it from your mind.

Now you feel complete and finished with this piece of junk, with this event… You put it down and begin to walk through the junkyard again. Off to your left you notice another piece of junk that catches your attention… Again you go over and begin to explore it … Then you realize that this is another person or another situation in your life where you felt angry about something or someone…You just notice what it is… It is something that someone did to you… Some kind negative event that you have carried around with a lot of anger, resentment and frustration… Become fully aware what that negative event was.

Now, you realize that it is time to let go of this anger, so you put it back down in the junkyard and feel complete and finished with that event… You continue to walk around exploring and looking at different things. Again you see another piece of junk that somehow captures your attention…You find yourself drawn to it… And in looking at it, you realize that this piece of junk represents a mistake that you have made in the past… Something that you did, that you wish you wouldn’t have done… Perhaps you have been punishing yourself all this years for having made this mistake… Just become aware of what that is…Then you put it down realizing that you need to let go past mistakes and understand that it was just a learning experience in your life.

Now you continue to walk through the junkyard… And you notice another piece of junk that calls your attention. You walk over to it… Again you begin to examine it realizing that this piece of junk represents a time in your life when you had a major disappointment in someone else… So you allow yourself to become aware of what that big disappointment was. And realizing that this disappointment is something that you need to leave behind, you put it down, and begin to walk away from it.

Now you realize it is time for you to leave the junkyard. And you become aware that this junkyard represents all the junk that you have been carrying inside of you all of these years… All the anger… All the resentments… All the frustrations… All the disappointments… All the negativity that you have been carrying around and that you don’t want any more. So, you find yourself approaching the gate to the junkyard… As you continue to walk away from the junkyard, realizing you want to leave all of this junk behind. All of this junk has no use in your life!…. It is just dirty baggage, not necessary to be present any more in your life.

Then, you stop and turn around and look back at the junkyard… And as you look at it you notice it begins to glow with a bright red light. The junkyard is beginning to radiate this bright red light…Then you realize that the entire junkyard is beginning to dissolve in the bright red light. As you watch this happening you begin to notice that the red light turns from red to orange.

And now the orange light begins to turn to a glowing, bright yellow light…The longer you watch it, you see the junkyard is slowly disappearing in this yellow light. Then this bright yellow light begins to turn to green… A bright green light, as the junkyard continues to totally dissolve into the green light.

Now the light turns from green to blue… And as it does, the junkyard has completely disappeared. Now there is only a field of radiant blue light. Now you notice that this blue light begins to turn into a bright purple light…. And now the purple light begins to turn into gold… And by now the junkyard is completely gone. All that is left is this beautiful bright field of golden light. Then the golden light begins to get lighter and lighter and becomes a radiant and magnificent pure white light.

And now, little by little, this white light fades away until there is nothing left, and you notice that where the junkyard used to be, there is now only a beautiful garden with many flowers and colorful butterflies flying around… And tall trees with many singing birds. You can feel insight of you the lightness and the great relief you are experiencing, knowing that all of this junk that you have been carrying with you has been transformed into love, into compassion, into forgiveness.

Just remain with your eyes closed for a few more moments, allowing yourself to feel the bliss and the calm while being bathed and filled with this love and forgiveness for all human beings, including yourself. And now it is time to return into your room, so become aware of your breathing, stretch your arms and your legs, and wiggle your fingers and your toes. And whenever you feel ready, bring your awareness back into the room by gently opening your eyes.