It may not come as a surprise that a positive attitude leads to greater happiness. But have you ever thought about what a positive attitude is?

Some people think that a positive attitude is the same as gratitude. Others think that a positive attitude means saying upbeat things no matter how challenging any situation is. And a few people think it means putting on a smile regardless of how you feel.

A positive attitude isn’t any of those things.

Let’s be real

Life comes with unexpected challenges. There are natural disasters, accidents, illnesses, other people with different ideas and lifestyles, government leaders who do more damage than good, and loved ones who die or leave.

Sometimes life is hard, and happiness feels far away. Having a positive attitude doesn’t deny those things.

Having a positive attitude means that despite any challenges, you have a healthy sense of self-worth and know that you are capable of learning lessons, taking action, and moving forward and creating a happier life.

A positive attitude involves knowing that you make mistakes, have limitations, experience pitfalls, and are at various stages with the dreams you have for your life—it’s all okay because you know there are choices you can make that will allow things to get better.

Creating a positive attitude to improve your level of happiness

Here are some guidelines for fostering a positive attitude and improving your levels of happiness:

  • It’s okay to want and have more than “just okay” in life.
  • If you make a mistake, focus on the lesson(s) you can learn from it. Forgive yourself. Keep living.
  • Setbacks happen, but they don’t have to be permanent.
  • If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, seek help, gain new knowledge, or both.
  • Believe that you can make a difference, live a life of meaning, bring your dreams to life, and experience more joy.
  • When bad stuff happens, or you experience losses, acknowledge it, and then focus on the good things and people you have in your life while you work on how to move forward and create happier times.

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