According to The Conference Board Job Satisfaction Survey, only about one half of Americans are happy at work. Regardless of which half you fall into, let’s talk about some things that can make you happier at work.

Beyond picking a career that fits with your best character strengths and practicing habits that generally make for a happy life, there are specific things you can do to help.


While you’ll have to be mindful of how you go about it, having fun with your colleagues makes work feel enjoyable. It also encourages creativity and collaboration. So, you’ll add happiness and productivity to your day if you find ways to play.

Mix Up Your Work Activities

Your job description may not allow this, but if it does, perform different activities throughout the day. It breaks up the monotony, helps you engage in your work, and can even lead to a flow state that makes you much happier at work.

To be Happier at Work – Prime Your Environment

Unless there is an official policy against it, personalize your immediate workspace.

  • Let natural daylight flow into the area or use lamps with non-fluorescent lighting
  • If the room temperature is warmer or cooler than you like, dress in layers so you can adapt, and use a personal fan or heater if allowed
  • Colors like blue or green can help relax and calm you
  • Colors like yellow or red will stimulate you
  • Bring in accessories that brighten your workspace and bring a smile to your face

The truth is that every job and career come with positives, negatives, and unique challenges. If you want to be happier at work, act to change the things you can while striving to accept the things you can’t.

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