How to be Happier at Work

According to The Conference Board Job Satisfaction Survey, only about one half of Americans are happy at work. Regardless of which half you fall into, let’s talk about some things that can make you happier at work. Beyond picking a career that fits with your best character strengths and practicing habits that generally make for a [...]

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Discover If You Should Be Happier?

When it comes to the questions you ask yourself, getting rid of those that include ‘should’ can help you to become a happier person. Anytime you’re faced with a decision or are trying to figure out how to be happier, you ask questions. The bigger the decision and the greater your desire to lead a [...]

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3 MORE Habits of Happier People

In this blog, we looked at three habits that anyone who would like to be happier can do. Today, let’s look at three more. Happier people cultivate gratitude for what they have. Life may not be perfect, and your major goals can still seem far away, but appreciating the people and things that are part of [...]

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Join me at the 7-Secrets to a Happier Life Retreat!

Happy people enjoy the following six great benefits: Greater Wealth – Happy people do much better in their jobs/careers than their equivalent unhappy counterparts. They tend to earn more and be more engaged and productive in their work.   Better Physical Health – Happy people typically have less cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure, good control [...]

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3 Habits of Happier People

For over 40 years, I’ve been using simple strategies and actions that lead to extraordinary results for the people who use them, and I can assure you, being happier is possible for everyone. Let’s look at three habits you can start forming today for greater happiness tomorrow.   Happier people focus on what they can [...]

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How to Have an Even Happier Life

There’s nothing wrong with having a good life and wanting it to be even happier. We all face challenges and have difficult experiences that fall outside of our control. So, why not build as much happiness into life as you can? Here’s a list of things that increase happiness: Don’t Wait For “Something” To Happen [...]

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