Can You Learn to Be Happy?

Yes. You absolutely can learn how to be happier using the tools of Positive Psychology that I give you in The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life.  At its core, Positive Psychology believes that most people can learn happiness.

In The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life, you’ll discover:

Better Physical Health – reduced cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure, cancer prevention, improved control of blood sugar in diabetes, increased immunity with fewer infections, and better appetite control with consequent weight reduction.

Better Mental Health – decreased depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Improved Relationships – with your spouse, family, co-workers, and friends

Increased Wealth – better work performance and productivity resulting in higher income.

More Positive Feelings – increased emotional well-being, gratitude, vitality, calm, courage, a desire to learn new things, and satisfaction from helping others.

Increased sexual desires – and a more fulfilling intimacy with your partner.

Watch Doctor Gomez explain what’s inside.

Q: What areas of my life will be positively impacted when I become a happier person?

A: Your finances, your health, your relationships and marriage.

Q: Can people learn to be happy?

A: Yes. Most people can learn to be happy when they apply the principles available in “The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life”.

Q: Why is this book better than other “happiness” books?

A: Dr. Gomez has over 40 years of clinical experience as a practicing psychiatrist, while most other authors primarily have academic knowledge but very little clinical experience in dealing with unhappy people. Dr. Gomez is also a four times best-selling author.

Q: Is “The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life” available as an E-book?

A: Yes. You can purchase the E-book or the

paper book in Amazon.

Q: Is “The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life” available as an Audible book?

A: No. It’s not available at this time.

Q: How long is “The 7 Secrets to a Happier Life”?

A: It is approximately 250 pages

Q: What kind of information does the book have?

A: The book has priceless information coming from Positive Psychology about how to become a happier person, short stories from patients, tests, exercises and techniques to develop more happiness in your life.

Q: What is the Content of the book:

A: Introduction
Chapter 1: Positive Psychology and Happiness
Chapter 2: Identify Your Character Strengths
Chapter 3: Create a Positive Mindset
Chapter 4: Care About Others
Chapter 5: Build Loving Relationships
Chapter 6: Embody Physical Health
Chapter 7: Embrace the Flow
Chapter 8: Experience Transcendence
Chapter 9: Connecting the Seven Secrets
Acknowledgments and About the Author

Q: What is the Amazon link where I can buy the book?

A: The Amazon link is:

Q: What is the price of the book?

A: The price of the paper copy is $19.95. The E-book sells for a lower price.